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We are currently receiving many inquiries.

Frequently asked questions and contact forms are at the end of the site.


To everyone who purchased smart masks
▼ If you have coupon code ▼
You can use all functions in this test version.
Please use the coupon code after the official version of the app is released.
▼ You can check the download method from the link below ▼
How to download the app>
You can also watch the video below to see the steps for the iOS version.

The world's first smart mask that connects to smartphones

Equipped with "translation", "deliver voice", and "voice memo" functions


The voice of the C-FACE wearer is translated and displayed on the smartphone at the reception desk of the store, cash register, or company.


Deliver voice

You can have an interview across a partition or send your voice to a little away through your smartphone.



The C-FACE App Guide has been uploaded!
Please download from here




Q. The mask does not turn on. (Does not react)

A. Charge the main unit and disconnect the charging cable. Then press and hold the power button for about 3 seconds. For details, see the instruction manual that came with the product.


Q. I can't charge the mask.

A. Use an input voltage cable of 5V or less. Please check that the LED glows red while charging.


Q. I want to connect to an external device such as a projector.

A. The application does not support connecting to an external monitor device. Please check how to use it on each smartphone.

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